Addiction Counseling

Why address addiction? Possibly because you're reading this. Maybe it affects someone you love. Maybe you're suffering. Or struggling. Maybe you just want someone else to get off your back. Maybe you're not sure you want to stop or cut back but you're willing to take a look at it. Maybe you're not so comfortable with the ways you make yourself comfortable. Maybe you're wondering “is that all there is?” (Who doesn't?)


Why psychodrama? Because it's never too late to revisit and re-create the past. Because conflict becomes clearer when we can step into someone else's shoes. Because action helps us connect to emotion. Because spontaneity stimulates creativity and creativity offers new perspectives. Because you can find your voice and speak your truth. Because you can practice new behaviors in a safe and supportive setting before you "go live" with them out in the world.

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Somatic Experiencing®

Why a body-centered technique for resolving trauma? Because trauma can begin long before memory and language emerge, at a time of helplessness and dependency. Because sometimes there is no way to protect oneself from life-threatening or horrifying experiences that continue to cause distress (flashbacks, depression, panic) until a sense of wholeness, safety, and a capacity for self-protection is restored.

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